A Few Words

There are two major strands in my photography, both reflecting an early formation in the theater.  On the one hand, I see myself as a kind of poetic ethnographer,  fascinated by demotic performance and looking for the origins of theatrical expression in music, dance, and play. Here, my latest project is a photographic study of the most authentic and funkiest of  Greece’s remaining Dionysian carnivals, the Goat Dance of Skyros.

At the same time that I have been making pictures in other cultures, I have also been exploring my own domestic scene. In my family work, I have  looked at the dramas, both large and small, of daily life in the family, where each member  is an actor in a sort of chamber play that we write as we live, where  real feelings are performed in real time for one another and for the camera. The results of this forty year project is called Thicker Than Water.