I’m going to quote from something wonderful that we happened upon in the recent Artist Talk newsletter of Debra Brehmer (Portrait Society Gallery):

I’m late to the game on this one, but photographer Dick Blau, a professor in the film department at UWM, has installed an on-going mini cinema at 141 W. West Wisconsin Avenue, directly across the street from the TJ Maxx (Grand Ave Mall). There is a bench in front of an empty storefront where he engineered speakers and a rear-projection slide show of images he has taken within a two block radius of the location (which is also where he lives). Finding a way to put art out in the world where there are no barriers to its access is the most exciting and meaningful gift an artist can give. The happenstance discovery of the work, the unmediated experience, and the atmospheric conditions of the encounter cannot be duplicated in an institution. This is one of the things that inspired me to write my graduate thesis in art history on Mary Nohl.


Some snowy night, sit on the bench and watch this exhibition quietly unfold. Then, if you are inclined, wander into Mo’s next door for a drink. That is my prescription for a dark winter night.

Photo by and courtesy of Debra Brehmer.